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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Tais Tói in Texas

“Hi, it’s me Sadie here. My cyber pal, the beautiful and famous, Tais Tói, a/k/a Jolie, who is a member of the performance Renaissance troop, TheTrouvéres is stopping back today while on her world tour to report on her new location and share another new picture.

“Jolie” photo courtesy of daddy & mommy, Michael and Grace Peters

"Tais Tói says, ‘Howdy friends and fans! I’m having a terrific time here in the Lone Star state. So far, I’ve been able to rustle up some tasty barbeque and this one-quart hat. It’s not ten-gallons, but what do you think? Is it me? Wish you could all be with me to share. Well, gotta go! Catch you at the next round up! <3  Tais Tói"'


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