Sadie Sapiens

Friday, October 30, 2015


“Hi, it’s me Sadie here. My dear cyber pal, the beautiful and famous, Tais Toi, a/k/a Jolie, who is a member of the Renaissance performance troop, The Trouvères is checking in with me to discuss what costumes we’ll be wearing for Halloween. I’m still not sure yet, but Tais Tois is going to wear a very bewitching ensemble. Take a look...

“Jolie” photo courtesy of daddy & mommy, Michael and Grace Peters

Tais Tói says,  Hello everyone! I’m so excited about tomorrow night! Daddy Michael and Mommy Grace are taking me trick-or-treating and then to a fancy dress ball. I’m looking forward to getting lots of dog treats (no chicken bones or chocolate of course), and then dancing the night away until midnight. What do you think of my outfit? Do you think it’s me?  Well, everyone, I’m being called for dinner. Hope you all have a wonderful Halloween and you get more treats than tricks! Bye for now. <3 Tais Toi.’”