Sadie Sapiens

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sadie Saves

"Hi everyone, it's me Sadie wishing you a splendid Sunday!  Today I'm here to tell and show you the extraordinary rescue of my two new canine friends "Cola" and "Pepsi."  They were found living in dreadful and scary conditions underneath 10 lanes of a Los Angeles freeway, and were carefully rescued and lovingly rehabilitated by the awesome folks at Hope for Paws. Both dogs are poodle mix and are about 1-1/2 years old, and are believed to be sister (Cola) and brother (Pepsi).They are playful and personable. Currently, they are in foster care but are now available for adoption as a bonded pair through Maltese Rescue of California. Please view their rescue on the video below provided by the Hope for Paws Official Rescue Channel and share their story with your family, friends and social networks. Together I know we will find them a 'forever family' to call their own."


A message from author Jeff T. Bauer ~

"Sadie, the fictional talking dog, and her fictional family of intelligent canines are based on real-life rescued Chihuahuas that my wife and I have adopted over the years.  Anybody who lives with a dog realizes how smart they really are and even if they can't speak Doglish there's certainly love and intelligence in their beautiful eyes.  So many animals, dogs and cats, are discarded or euthanized every year because there's simply too many of them out there and not enough loving human homes to adopt them,  Dogs and cats totally rely on the humans that domesticated them to survive.  I hope through Sadie's stories that more people will come to appreciate the wonder and responsibility we have to welcome these animals into our lives or at least help keep the unwanted population lower by spay and neuter.

Sadie Saves is serious business spoken by a cute fictional character.  Just sit back and imagine if there truly was a spokesdog for all dog-and-cat kind.  Wouldn't you rather save an animal at a shelter that's probably looking at a shortened lifespan if it isn't adopted?  Who knows, maybe the next adopted dog will turn out to be the real-life speaking Sadie."

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